As of August 16, 2006 we changed our name to Houston Bay Area Tall Texans (HBATT). Bay Area Tall Texans (BATT) was established in October 1989. At that time it was the second tall club in the Houston area in association with Tall Clubs International (TCI). In May 2006 Towering Texans of Houston (TTOH) ceased to exist. There is a desired trend in TCI for all clubs to change their name so their location can be easily recognized, we have followed suit and changed ours, so all will know we are HOUSTON and TEXAS PROUD.


Our goals are to expand our membership and have fun. We are open to anyone who meets the requirements for membership. We would like to extend a special invitation to former members of TTOH to come and join us.


Requirements for membership are relatively easy. You must be over 21 years old. We are required by our contract with Tall Clubs International (TCI) to measure all new members. Height measurements are done barefooted, women must be at least 5’10’’ and men 6’2’’. HBATT does not have an activity requirement prior to membership as some other clubs do. 


Look along near the top of this page. Click on each tab. Under OUR CREW you meet and learn a little about everyone on our crew (staff). We are an all volunteer team. Click on EVENTS to see what the club is doing, when, where, and who to contact to join in. If you click on CONTACT US, you can send us a message. Our PHOTO ALBUM, where you can see more of our members at past events. Then there is LATEST NEWS page, where I will try to add current news that affects the club. The newest page on here, NEWS LETTER, a copy of the current of the current HBATT news letter. Please feel free to submit any comments for improvement, additions or lord forbid errors seen on here.

Scholarship Program: HBATT participates in TCI FOUNDATION scholarship programs. Go to latest new for more information.

Got a question or comment send it to ;  mstb97@hotmail.com  or houstonbayareawebmaster@yahoo.com



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Tall Paul is a long time member of TCI and supporter of the National Marfan Foundation.

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A Social Club for Tall Adults